Film Screening – After Spring

It’s January, and back to uni time!

I went to another film screening last night to watch After Spring Рthis is the film that Jon Stewart produced, and it follows a couple of Syrian refugee families in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. A major figure in the documentary is also Kilian Kleinschmidt, who is the director of Zaatari Рa very inspiring man, trying to keep the camp running as effectively as possible.

I’ve been really fascinated by how Zaatari was set up and how it grew so quickly, so this documentary was very interesting in showing how people are trying to make as much of a life as they can in the circumstances they’re in.

I’m thinking of writing my MA dissertation on refugee camps, like Zaatari, and how they struggle with trying to be a temporary shelter, so that they can be packed up and closed when the crisis is over, and how they actually have to become more entrenched and provide more services, since the crisis is becoming more and more protracted. What do you think?