STAR Conference

So…. in case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m interested in the situations and experiences of refugees. Who knew?!

This weekend I went to the STAR (Student Action for Refugees) Conference entitled:¬†Refugee Crisis? What Crisis?. I’d heard of STAR before, and wanted to learn more about the organization and the type of workshops they would be running during the conference. The impetus behind the conference was to bring people together to learn about how the UK had handled previous refugee flows, and to discuss how the UK can manage the current “refugee crisis”.

It was a really interesting day – I think one of the most interesting points made during the conference was just the historical amnesia people have in relation to past refugee flows. The current situation isn’t completely unprecedented and it’s not impossible to manage, but we just have so many fear-mongers who are trying to frighten the public about the “invasion” (BREXIT, anyone??), without actually contextualizing it.

It was really inspiring to hear from Gulwali Passarlay, and I definitely have his book (The Lightless Sky) on my reading list.

Here’s the conference program, if you want to take a look at the other speakers that were there: STAR Conference Program.