Film Screening – A Syrian Love Story

Another week, another film screening. Don’t worry, I go to my classes too!

This time the SOAS Syria Society screened A Syrian Love Story, which follows a couple who met and fell in love in prison and then married and started a family upon their release. But as they continue to pursue their political activism against the Assad regime, one becomes a political prisoner, leaving her husband to care for their young children. And once she’s released, intense pressure on all political activists force the family to flee. But political exile takes it toll on their mental health, and although they have found safety in France, their relationship begins to crumble.

This documentary was hard to watch – if this was a fictional movie, you’d feel secure knowing that at the end of the film, love triumphs over all, and any relationship struggles are just simply resolved. But that isn’t real life – and this documentary shows just how much difficult situations change people, and take their toll.

That being said, it is an important film to watch – the more we know about the lives of every day Syrians, the more we can put faces and stories to the statistics that we read. We need to bring this back down to the realities of people, because we can connect with people more than we can connect with numbers.