About Me

Welcome to my blog! Who am I? I am probably your atypical Middle East scholar – I’m from a small Canadian town, I’m obsessively interested in all things Middle East / North Africa / Central Asia, from culture and politics, to religion and history, to language and more. I like to read and learn as much as I can, and I’m a big twitter fan (follow me @megldavenport!). I love going to conferences, book launches, and speaker events, and I’ll be sharing some of my experiences with you here.

Obsessively interested does not mean world-class expert though, so my official disclaimer goes here: I do not claim to know everything about the topics I am writing about, and while I will do my best to present information as factually as possible, these are ultimately my opinions, based off of my experiences in the world. I hope this blog will be a way for me to research and learn more about the Middle East, to share my book recommendations and Arabic lessons, and to get connected to other people who are as drawn to this part of the world as I am.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts, and I’d love to hear what you think and what you’ve learned!


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